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Fleck Valves

Sales, installation and servicing of Fleck valves

Considered by many to be the backbone of the water softening industry, the Fleck valve has a reputation for performance and reliability. We can supply, install and repair any type of Fleck valve. From a small domestic 5600 simplex up to large commercial 3910 duplex softener, we have the expertise to look after your needs.

Unsure of your model of water softener? Simply send us a picture of your water softener and we will be able to identify it for you!





Salt Delivery Block Salt Delivery prices. 2 x

Autotrol Valves

We can supply and repair a whole range

Cascade DualMax

Exclusive to Aqua Soft With a DualMax to

Minimax Big Blue

A fantastic softener With a Minimax to meet

Minimax Major 1″

Minimax Major 1 inch Water Designed for domestic

Kinetico Premier Maxi

The Premier Maxi is a high performance, semi-commercial

Kinetico Aqua Blu

Water Softener Our very best premium water softener

Repairs Service

We guarantee our customers a truly comprehensive water

Kinetico Premier Compact

Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener Introducing Premier Compact,


Water Softener The ultimate - for those who

M2 Minimax Block Salt Softener

M2 Minimax Block Softener The Minimax range is

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